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 Passion Paragliding's Wing Control Course

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Our wing control courses are NOT about ticking off set SIV moves and our aim is NOT to scare you witless. Rather, we help develop your skills at the right pace for you. This is THE course where you can expect to become a safer pilot and take a noticeable leap in your flying abilities. You�ll also develop the real confidence that can only come from a deeper understanding of your wing. It�s time to take your flying to the next level.

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Paragliding exotica in Spring 2014
Join us on one of our inspirational guided paragliding safaris in Morocco.  Get away from Europe for the most reliable paragliding conditions this spring and autumn - from the sweetest thermals, to sand-dune flying and deserted coastal ridge soaring. Paraglide Morocco!

No electricity, no running water...
no bars, no discos, dusty roads, and sometimes the simplest of accommodation.  We travel by 4x4 vehicle to find the best flying and give you an extravagant cultural experience visiting remote parts of Morocco inhabited by the mythical Berber tribes.  The scenery is breath-taking, enchanting and very exotic.  Fly in the setting sun with the magical Atlas mountains and Saharan desert as backdrops.  Swoop through the African skies as the scenery changes through incredible shades of crimson and scarlet,  shades of saffron yellow, lilac and purple.  See the brightest star-filled night skies.  Enjoy delicious Moroccan cuisine from aromatic and spicy tagines to succulent fruit and of course the ubiquitous mint tea.

The safari-style nature of our trips means we have the freedom to explore Morocco�s paragliding potential to the maximum, (and drink up some amazing scenery along the way). All
PASSION safaris are one week long and have a maximum of 10-12 people.  Our most popular safari is the classic High Atlas Safari: now in its 12th successful season.  From Marrakech we head directly into the High Atlas mountains.  You can expect to be flying from day one at Aguergour our main base for this trip and probably the most famous site in Morocco.  Our excursions include ascents of some of the highest mountains in North Africa with donkeys packing those heavy wings and harnesses for us.  We also visit Tisn�Test on the southern side of the High Atlas mountains to fly high above the Sous valley and distant Saharan desert.